Yoga head and anatomy nerd.

Mysore Ashtanga yoga

Fauna is committed to offering the practice as 'yoga chikitsa,' serving your practice in a way that allows you to move better, experience less pain, and more deeply understand your body and your self. 

Practice, all is coming. 

The Mysore Lab

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Mysore style practice is for everyone!! From brand new yogi to experienced practitioner, old and young, flexible and stiff  

Mysore style practice offers the benefit of individual instruction and personal modification within the power of a group dynamic.  

A consistent self led practice allows the possibility of a breath led practice and a real chance to experience yoga beyond the asana.  

Ashtanga yoga

Daily Devotional practice

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She is grateful to have 16 years experience as a massage therapist and 10 years on her mat.  She is passionately curious about connection, movement and who we really are, and considers it is an honor to serve and share this practice. She studies regularly in the dissection lab with her anatomy teacher Gil Hedley and travels to India to study her ashtanga teacher Sharath Jois and in the US, John Bultman.


Mysore Ashtanga yoga is a different way to practice.

Whether you are new to yoga or simply new to this style of yoga,

the best way to learn is to show up.

 Simply come and experience this highly personalized incredibly powerful practice.

All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn.  

Don’t worry if you don’t know the series.

Beginners Welcome!  

Beginners get personal instruction to learn the sequence pose by pose.  Learning ashtanga yoga does take dedication, but it does not take long to learn the series and build your practice.

Please email Fauna before you come to arrange a start time (

  Come in any Wednesday or Sunday Fauna is teaching to begin.  Plan for 45min-1hr your first practice.  The length of your practice will increase over time.  Arrange your schedule to practice at least 6x week for your first month.  Come in clean, hydrated, rested and with an empty belly.  

The first few times you come we will focus on moving with breath and memorizing the series.  Once you have a sense of the practice, then we will begin to work on alignment and skill building specific to you, usually after 3 weeks of regular practice.

This style of practice and community require a a dedication, independence, and discipline.  The process is slow, but worth it.